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5 Steps For Effective SaaS Management


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Do you know the full extent of your SaaS Sprawl?

Probably not.

The average company uses three to six times more cloud apps than IT knows about—and as decentralized app ownership expands, the divide between perception and reality is only getting worse.

In this webinar—we figure out how we got here, and how to fix it moving forward. Join Chris Shakarian, VP of Marketing at Torii, and guest speaker Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The hidden pain of SaaS, how we got here, and why it’s not getting better
  • SaaS Operations Management - how these cloud-native tools give IT a way to combat SaaS Sprawl
  • A framework for evaluating SaaS investment that goes beyond simply costs

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About the Speakers

Bill Martorelli

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Chris Shakarian

VP of Marketing Torii