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What's Inside

Distributed SaaS Management is a modern strategy for tackling today's (messy) SaaS reality, where anyone can subscribe to and adopt apps, Shadow IT runs rampant, and SaaS portfolios are constantly growing and changing. It acknowledges that IT can’t do it alone. Instead, everyone from IT, finance, procurement, security, and even individual app owners plays a role. 

The outcomes of implemented Distributed SaaS Management are:

  • Continual and complete discovery of applications
  • Unified and actionable insights
  • Collaboration and empowerment enabled by automation
  • Reduced SaaS spend and optimized ROI

For today’s organizations, Distributed SaaS Management provides the right framework to manage SaaS at scale, and this playbook is the perfect starting point to bring that strategy to life.

Distributed SaaS Management is a team-first approach

Designed for today’s distributed app ownership and need for collaborative SaaS management, it can help your business:

Intelligently reduce costs
Accelerate operations
Boost agility
Gain a competitive advantage
Distributed SaaS Management

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