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#1 in Shadow IT Discovery & Action

The most advanced discovery platform helps you understand and optimize your app usage, software spend, and drive employee productivity

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Introducing Torii:

The Distributed SaaS Management Platform

The only platform built for today's complex SaaS reality. Tackle your toughest SaaS challenges and stay ahead of the game by empowering your entire organization.

The Old Way

Before Torii

See Only 33% of Your App Portfolio
No Shadow IT discovery
Shadow IT discovery
Struggle Through Manual SaaS Tasks
60+ minutes are wasted per employee on/offboarding tasks
manual use
Waste 35% of SaaS Spend
Pay for oversized contracts, unused and redundant tech
see only
Quick Fixes that Don't Last
Incomplete, limited SaaS information and actions
waste less
Siloe Departments and Their SaaS Insights
Partial insights prevent informed decision making
Siloe Departments and Their SaaS Insights

The New Way

With Torii

Discover Every App in Real-Time
Sanctioned and Shadow IT apps
monitor app
Automate Key SaaS Processes
Automated and customizable triggers and workflows
near waste
Optimize Your SaaS ROI
Continual cost-saving insights and recommendations
see every
Tackle Every SaaS Challenge
End-to-end SMP built for scale and simplicity
automatic onboarding
Empower Every SaaS Stakeholder
Make better, quicker decisions with shared insights across IT, procurement, finance, app owners and admins
Empower Every Saas Stakeholder

“With Torii, we could finally see every single SaaS tool we were using in the company. It enabled us to review their popularity and usage, determine which applications were redundant and which ones we could cut down.”

Ron Peres Sr. Director, Global Corporate IT & Information Systems

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See Torii in Action

Discover Every App. Cut Spend. Automate SaaS Ops. Empower Every User.

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