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Thousands of organizations and technology buyers trust G2 Grid® scoring that ranks the top solutions in the segment based on actual user reviews. It represents the customer voice of real software users from the SMP category, algorithmically based on data sourced from G2 users and online sources such as social networks.

Download free copies of the G2 Grid® Spring SaaS Spend and Operations Management reports to access:

  • 20+ Product Profiles of multiple SMP platforms with feature comparisons
  • Leaders and laggards in the categories of high-performing SaaS Spend and Operations Management solutions. Torii is the #1 rated SaaS Management platform in both the SaaS Spend and Operations Management reports, particularly for IT pros in mid-sized companies. 
  • Summarized satisfaction ratings for each of these SaaS Spend and Operations Management platforms by real users
  • Product profile of Torii (in the Leader quadrant of both  SaaS Spend and Operations Management Grids®) - rated highly by G2 users and has substantial Usability scores.
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"I love how user-friendly the application is when accessing reports and data. I can easily access the information and download it in the format necessary for my work. I would highly recommend Torii for that reason. I find it helpful in my ability to collect data on multiple applications our company uses in operations to determine customer billings correctly."
Klana A.
"Torii is a machine, it has made it easy for us to detect applications used in the organization and has helped us with costs, since we have identified those applications that fulfill similar functions, in addition, the fact of being able to add contracts, start and end date helps us enormously when deciding whether to renew or not."
Roberto C.
IT Support Specialist - Financial Services
"Being able to track all your subscriptions seeing who's using what, this saves so much time, so much money at the end of the month that is just amazing!"
Verified User in Computer Software
Verified User in Computer Software
"Good way for employees to find what software is already in the company. Good way for the IT department to keep an eye on 'shadow IT', as Torrii identifies new systems by the welcome messages sent to corporate email inboxes across the business. Also love the fact that it allows you to assign internal owners and other key stakeholders, so if you are trying to find who is in charge of a specific..."
Luben S.
Photographer & Artist - Computer Software
"Torii has been a game changer at our company. It has provided visibility into all of the SaaS used around the company. It serves as our best source of information for anything regarding spend, renewals and usage. Torii helped us discover new SaaS used by our employees and provides a comprehensive interface to manage all of them. It can integrate with a lot of services to provide..."
Francis B.
Information Technology and Services
"Torii has become the Single Source of Truth for SaaS applications management and it is a critical application for our Security and Compliance Processes and audits. Thanks to its capabilities we can easily integrate HR and IT systems and check the box for multiple areas of ISO27001 audit. Lovely product built with security mindset and has great design and experience working with it."
Mario K.
Information Security Manager - Information Technology and Services
"The most beneficial aspect of Torii is its ability to discover apps that employees are signing up for without regard for privacy and security risks. Torii allows an IT Pro to administer what goes on within the ecosystem, preventing any potential danger. Torii has also been beneficial in assisting us in identifying unnecessary spending on tools."
Eldin S.
IT Manager - Information Technology and Services
"Torii assists me mostly in the offboarding of employees, it is quick and easy to use with incredible features. It has made my job easier with the automations Torii brings. Special shoutout to Lauren Riegel, she has been extremely helpful with all my requests and has always been there for support for us, Great ambassador for Torii !"
Lee M.
IT Specialist - Media Production
"Torii's renewal dashboard creates an agile and transparent view to provide ample time to renew projects. The team love the automation workflows allowing us the mirror estates of saas tools for different positions within the business. A1 tool!"
Alex T.
Business Performance Associate - Capital Markets
"Being able to view every application our company uses as a whole, being able to integrate those applications, and automating workflows to ensure we are fully utilizing our paid licenses. Each paid seat for use of an application is precious to a small company, so being able to simply track that detail and see the dollar amount associated has been huge."
Verified User in Computer Software
Verified User in Computer Software
"Torii is very intuitive to use - the admin experience has been thought about so it's easy to navigate and find data. Integrations are easy to set up and the workflows have automated almost all our onboarding and offboarding process. On rollout it immediately highlighted a lot of shadow IT usage we were able to bring under control. Being able to dive into the detail per user and per application..."
Rachel S.
Senior Operations Manager - Information Technology and Services

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