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The True SaaS Management Platform Outperforms “Feature-Play” Products

Based on in-depth technical evaluations, GigaOm ranked Torii as a Leader and Outperformer in SaaS Management Platforms (SMP). Unlike the many vendors GigaOm assessed as having point solutions, Torii is a true platform you can rely on to easily manage both SaaS operations and spend.

“To be considered a full-featured platform, a SaaS management platform should enable SaaS financial operations to handle spend and contract renewal, as well as SaaS operations for user lifecycle and sensitive data management.”

“Torii provides a complete platform that meets all key criteria while enabling self-service across teams. Torii provides a well-rounded SMP that delivers direct integrations, flexible workflow automation, access policy risk assessments, spend analytics, and contract renewal tracking. It has strong discovery capabilities.”

– GigaOm Radar Report

What's Inside The Report

Technology professionals trust GigaOm to provide detailed, rigorous analysis about SaaS management products. This Radar Report focuses on key criteria, competitive differentiators, and vital evaluation factors, so you can make the right SMP decisions for your business.

Access your free copy of the GigaOm SMP Radar Report to see:

  • 11 vendor product assessments, showcasing relative strengths and challenges
  • Product profile of Torii SMP, including the capabilities that led GigaOm to rank Torii a Leader and Outperformer in the Innovation Platform-Play quadrant
  • Definitions of true platform vs. feature-play solutions, with vendors mapped on the GigaOm Radar - the closer to the center “bullseye” the higher value they offer.
  • (The centermost circle is typically empty, reserved for highly mature and consolidated markets that lack space for innovation.)
  • Where SaaS management platforms are heading

See How Torii Compares

GigaOm ranked Torii high for:

Meeting all key criteria for SaaSFinOps and SaaSOps
Operational efficiency through automation and self-service
Strong discovery
Advanced integrations
User and application lifecycle management

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