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10 Must-Have Steps for Smooth Employee Offboarding 

IT offboarding checklist

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The IT Checklist for Employee Offboarding

Like it or not, this is the era of SaaS.

For IT teams, this means that the process of offboarding departing employees just got more complicated.

You need to figure out what apps have been signed up and/or used by the employee, what access permissions you must revoke and what company data lies in those apps and should be deleted and returned to the safety of the corporate infrastructure.

Easier said than done, right?

That’s why we’ve put together this Employee Offboarding Checklist for IT. Your simple guide of the must-have steps that need to get done when employees move on.

Offboarding example checklist:

  1. Revoke system access from IdP and SSO 
  2. Close employee SaaS accounts 
  3. Terminate VPN and review any remote access methods 
  4. Change/revoke shared account’s passwords 
  5. Change system’s ownership 
  6. Forward employee’s email address 
  7. Recover company equipment and assets 
  8. Reclaim employee licenses 
  9. Update credit card payments 
  10. Schedule account deletion for suspended accounts.