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Torii Tech

Torii & Okta: Maximize Your Okta Implementation


On-Demand Session


It’s common knowledge SSOs protect your company’s sensitive data, acting as another, powerful line of defense against unprovisioned users. But, we’ll let you in on a little secret — SSOs only work if they can connect to your applications!

With Torii's Okta integration, you can rest assured you will eliminate Shadow IT and surprise SaaS spend, putting your data security back in IT’s capable hands.

In this webinar, learn how - in less than 5 minutes - your organization can:

  • Uncover Shadow IT and discover anomalies
  • Eliminate surprise SaaS spend
  • Connect on-premise apps to Okta
  • Measure and accelerate Okta adoption

Watch On-Demand

Watch On-Demand

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