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Biweekly | 10AM PT / 1 PM ET

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Torii’s SaaS Management Platform gives you complete visibility, while allowing you to take action and easily automate your entire SaaS stack, including Shadow IT.

Join a member of the Torii team as they walk through the Torii platform and demonstrate how it helps IT teams understand and optimize their company’s app usage, software spend, and drive employee productivity.

In this demo, you'll learn how Torii:

  • Informs cloud app investment decisions with usage and adoption data
  • Mitigates compliance risks with flawless offboarding and data migration
  • Optimizes spend and reduces license waste
  • Eliminates manual tasks, giving IT teams the super-human ability to manage 100s of apps and 1,000s of users

Which of these are a top priority for you?

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